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What are we doing?

AgriSens is devoted to research and development of new technologies interconnected with agriculture expertise dedicated to improvement of agricultural production by remote sensing solutions that are used for surveying large areas, collection of large data amount, processing and analysing data to provide results that helps farmers to increase yields and lower production costs and risks.


Why remote sensing?

Early detection of plant stress caused by weeds, diseases and pests is of great importance. Remote sensing technology provides a harmless, rapid, and cost-effective means of identifying and quantifying crop stress from differences in the spectral characteristics of canopy surfaces, which allows site specific weed and disease control in early stages. In addition, it enables counting and estimating the numbers of specific plants in wide region areas.

Agriculture Aerial Data Insights



Imaging by drones (UAVs) with programmed flying trajectory in visual, multispectral, or thermal spectrum, or optional use of other aerial imaging, from satellite or airplane.


Image Processing

Image processing and data collection for obtaining homogeneous landscape in required spatial and spectral resolution, by orthorectification and mosaicking and conversion of image to large data set.



Data processing and analytics for pattern extraction with statistical methods, data mining and cluster analysis, powerful machine learning algorithms and multi-criteria decision analysis from big data volumes.



Visualisation of results and presentation in user-friendly manner ready for immediate usage by farmers, with no further expert involvement needed.

Applications for


Weed identification

Weed identification and early detection of infestation concentration for site specific weed management in wide row crops for optimization of herbicides usage.


Stress monitoring

Crops stress monitoring for crops exposed to disease, pests or water shortage based on leaf and canopies changes, survey of wide areas to have precise map of stressed areas.


Plant counting

Plant counting in wide row crops for inspection of sowing quality and yield estimations and supervision of perennial plantings such as wine-yards, fruit orchards, olives, etc.

Why drones?

Although satellite images and airplane orthophotos are also legitimate input for our software to conduct analysis, usage of drones (UAVs) enables greater revisiting times, higher spatial resolution, eliminates cloud cover dependence, less training needed and reduces costs for up-to-date images.

User friendly results

Results are visualized geo-referenced map of observed field, with shown levels of detected crop stress, that indicate presence of weeds, diseases, insect feedings on plants, changes in pigment, chemical concentrations, cell structure, nutrient, water uptake, etc..

Environmental care

Application of the site specific weed control principles have significant environmental benefits through reducing the pesticide and herbicide usage, by applying results for precision spraying.

Used by

Agricultural Producers

Agricultural producers, whether companies or Individual producers, to boost production and productivity and decrease costs, risks and yield loss.

Government Institutions

Government institutions, for supervision of agriculture sector, planning the future development and policymaking.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies, for premium assessments and damage estimations in agriculture

  • End-to-end integration of methodology and technology
  • No expert data analyst skills needed
  • Results ready for immediate decisions


Our team

Our R&D team includes experts with PhDs in Agriculture, Bio-technical Science, Information Systems and Software Engineering, Data Science and many senior consultants, researchers, engineers and technicians.


Affiliate of:
LOGIT d.o.o. Beograd,
Bul. Milutina Milankovića 25b
11070 Novi Beograd, Serbia

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